COVID-19 VACCINATION PROGRAMME-updated Monday March 3rd.

We have commenced our Covid vaccine programme. You will receive two vaccines, four weeks apart. We will be contacting all patients aged over 70 when they are eligible for the vaccine. You will receive either a text or a phonecall from the surgery as per the HSE national Covid vaccine rollout schedule. We may need to telephone you to confirm your details.

We are currently contacting all patients aged 80 to 84 years.

We are using the Calendly booking platform for our vaccination programme. You will receive a text from us which will take you to the Calendly site to book your appointment time. This is a secure platform.

You will need to enter your personal details including date of birth, PPS number and email address. If you do not have an e-mail address, you can use a family members email address.

Please read the following information about the vaccine before your appointment.

  • please wear a short-sleeved top for your appointment
  • the vaccine will be delivered into your upper arm by a member of our medical team
  • you must wear a face mask for your appointment
  • please park OUTSIDE the surgery grounds where possible
  • please come unaccompanied if possible
  • you will need to remain in the surgery for 15 minutes after your vaccination
  • you cannot have the vaccine if you have had Covid infection within the last month
  • you cannot have the vaccine if you have had any other vaccine within the last fourteen days
  • the vaccine cannot be transported, so we cannot vaccinate people at home. The HSE will be making arrangements to vaccinate housebound patients in the coming months.

The vaccine will be rolled out according to the HSE protocol. We will commence with patients aged 85 and over, then patients aged 80 to 85, 75 to 80, 70 to 75 and so on. This schedule has been determined by the HSE and we will be unable to give any vaccines outside this schedule. Please see this link for the full plan –

.The HSE will be supplying the vaccines and we have no control over when they arrive. As the vaccine is fragile, we will be offering specific appointment times for vaccination and will be unable to change these times.

All patients aged 85 and over will be vaccinated first. We will receive a Covid vaccine delivery every two weeks after this time and so we will vaccinate each group at two week intervals.

We have no information yet on the rollout of the vaccine for patients under 70.

We will post further updates here in due course.