We regret to inform you that Dr Eileen Kiely is leaving general practice. She is moving to take up a position in Public Health Medicine for family reasons. We are all very sad that she is leaving us. She will be deeply missed by staff and patients alike. 

Please see the following message from Dr. Kiely-

Dear Patients,
I am writing to inform you of my decision to retire from General Practice after 16 years with you in Bishopstown.

For family reasons I have decided to take up a position in Public Health Medicine.

It has been a difficult decision as I have experienced 16 great years of loyalty and friendship at Rahona House Medical Practice. 
Since 2005 you have entrusted me with your medical needs. You have allowed me understand your lives, building mutual respect in order to work out problems of physical and mental health. I have enjoyed caring for you and your families and getting to know you well.
Dr Fiona O’Mahony will join the Rahona House team at the beginning of August. She will take over my duties and in the interim my colleagues at Rahona House Surgery will continue to meet your health care needs. 
I have been honoured and privileged to have served your medical needs during my time here.I wish you and your families good health for your future.
Yours most sincerely

Dr Eileen Kiely MCN 023899

We at Rahona House Surgery wish to announce that Dr Fiona O’ Mahony will be joining the team at the beginning of August and will take over the care of Dr Kiely’s patients. In the meantime, the healthcare needs of these patients will be met by the other doctors in the practice. Dr O’ Mahony who is a fully qualified and locally trained General Practitioner will bring a special interest in women’s health and psychology to the practice. We look forward to expanding our women’s health services to women of all ages, including the provision of Long Acting Contraceptive Devices (Mirena, Implanon) and Perimenopausal Care. 
We would like to thank Dr Kiely for her wonderful service for over 16 years here at Rahona House. We sincerely wish her every success in her new role. We would like to thank all of our patients who have been so understanding at this time.  Please bear with this during this period of transition and we look forward to continuing to welcome you all to the practice.
You may have some questions about this transition.

For Patients with Medical Cards / Doctor Visits cards-. 
If you hold a Medical Card or GP Doctor Visit card, it is not possible to move to a different practice for a period of three months. This is due to HSE regulations. From May 1st, Dr Kiely’s patients will automatically be assigned to the care of Dr Ger Dineen. However all the doctors in the practice will continue to look after your medical needs during this time. After this period, you can change doctors if you wish.

For Private Patients-If you wish to transfer to another doctor or register with another practice, please inform our staff so that we can arrange the secure transfer of your medical records.  Due to GDPR regulations, we will need your written consent for this and the details and consent of your new doctor. 

Please check back on the website for further updates.