• The annual flu vaccine is now available for both adults and children aged 2 years and over-please ring the surgery for an appointment.
  • The adult flu vaccine is available now for all people aged 18 and over.
  • Please read the following information about the adult flu vaccine before your visit. https://www2.hse.ie/conditions/flu/vaccine/
  • The children’s flu vaccine, for all young people aged 2 to 17 is now available-this is a nasal spray and very easy for children to take.
  • Please read the following information about the children’s flu vaccine before your visit. https://www.hse.ie/eng/health/immunisation/pubinfo/flu-vaccination/flu-vaccine-for-children/
  • The HSE have authorised us to give Covid vaccine boosters to all patients aged 80 years and older ONLY. If you are aged 80 or over and would like to receive the Covid booster, please ring the surgery.
  • We are still awaiting instructions from the HSE about Covid vaccination boosters for patients aged < 80 years. At the moment, we CANNOT vaccinate patients aged < 80 years,
  • If you are immunosuppressed, you will be offered an extra dose by the HSE via your hospital clinic. These are the criteria for this extra dose- https://www2.hse.ie/screening-and-vaccinations/covid-19-vaccine/get-the-vaccine/weak-immune-system/
  • Please do not ring reception asking for the Covid booster if you are under 80 or immunosuppressed as we cannot take bookings for the Covid booster at this time. However hopefully this will change soon-we will post further updates as soon as possible. We will be glad to vaccinate everybody once the HSE programme is finalised and approved.
  • you cannot have the Covid booster if you have had Covid infection within the last month
  • the Covid vaccine cannot be transported, so we cannot vaccinate people at home. The HSE will be making arrangements to vaccinate housebound patients in the coming months.

Important Vaccine Clinic Information – please read

  • Please arrive at the time of your appointment and no earlier/later – we are running to a strict schedule while adhering to social distancing guidelines. If we are running ahead/behind, we will do out best to contact you accordingly.
  • Please come alone for your vaccine appointment if possible.
  • Please wear clothing that allows easy access to your shoulder, ie a short sleeved shirt/blouse under your jacket.
  • This is a vaccine appointment only – we will not be discussing any other medical issues with you, we have to keep to a strict schedule to adhere to social distancing guidelines and required observation periods.
  • Following your Covid booster vaccine, you will be asked to stay in the practice for 15 minutes to monitor for any adverse reactions. If you have a history of anaphylaxis for any cause, you will be asked to remain on site for 30 minutes following the vaccine.
  • Be assured that these are very safe vaccines. Some people will experience some side effects in the 48 hours after the vaccine, including sore arm, fever, headaches and generalized aches and pains. These can be treated with paracetamol and Nurofen and should resolve within 2-3 days. Please note a fever following vaccination is a common expected side effect but if you experience a fever lasting more than 48 hours and/or any symptoms of COVID (cough/ shortness of breath / chest tightness / loss of smell or taste) please contact the clinic.
  • If you have a history of anaphylaxis to any vaccine you should let us know. If you think you may be allergic to any component of the Comirnaty vaccine, please let us know, as you may not be eligible for the vaccine. Please contact the practice to discuss this if you have concerns around vaccine allergy.
  • Please ensure you continue to adhere to public health guidance regarding cough etiquette, social distancing and hand washing following your vaccination.

Covid Vaccine: Further Information

There is lots of information available on the HSE and government websites about the covid vaccine rollout and the vaccines being used at the resources below: